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Pints & Plates will coordinate and prepare your beer and food pairing event, whether an intimate dinner party for 6 or a fun and informative social beer and food pairing event for larger groups, in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington DC metropolitain area. Our services are perfect for private and corporate events that offer a unique and different experience. Enjoy amazing food and beers while learning about the basis for each individual pairing.


Whether this is your first beer and food pairing or you are a beer connoisseur or adventurous, gourmet foodie, we offer selections catered specifically to you and your guests. All of our craft beers are expertly selected, and our dishes are chef-prepared for your event.


While the popularity of specialty craft beer has grown, people are becoming more and more interested in high quality, complex beers. The farm-to-table approach of using fresh and local ingredients in creative gourmet dishes has grown by leaps and bounds as well. Allow Pints & Plates to mesh the two seamlessly and deliciously together for your enjoyment.


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Pints & Plates local craft beer recommendations for this winter

Heavy Seas Siren Noire is a chocolate-lover's paradise. The thickness almost feels velvety and softens the roastiness and complements the chocolate notes. Allow the beer to warm up a bit to fully enjoy and curl up in front of a fire. This beer pairs well with chocolate (death by chocolate) cake or dark chocolate with dark cherries.


Burley Oak Rude Boy packs a punch of both hop bitterness and biting rye flavor that are matched by strong brown sugar and dark fruit flavors from the malts. You can taste the alcohol in this beer, but the dry finish makes it very drinkable for an 8.1% ABV beer. If you have a Christmas fruitcake to eat, this is the beer to drink.


Stillwater/Mikeller Rauchstar adds a mild smokiness to a strong and solid malt base of burnt sugar, caramel and raisin flavors. Pair with bacon-wrapped wild boar roast with roasted sunchokes.


Evolution Secret Spot Winter has a solid malty base of toffee and caramel that is balanced by the hop bitterness and some spiciness that is more drinkable than the traditionally heavier winter beers. Try this as a complement to ginger butterut squash soup topped with crispy sage leaves.


Brewer's Art St. Festivus is a Belgian version of a winter warmer. It's rich dark burnt caramel softens with some sweetness and dark fruit flavors and spices, predominantly ginger. Pair with a cinnamon and ginger pear tart.


DuClaw Retrubution aged in bourbon barrels is so silky smooth and rich chocolate and roastiness are complemented by the vanilla imparted by the bourbon barrels. Pick up a bottle while you can. It can be drunk alone in a snifter or paired with a stilton cheese.


Full Tilt Berger Cookie has managed to get the actual taste of Berger cookies into a beer. The chocolate dominates like the outer coating of the cookie, but you can also get the sweetness that represent the yellow cake-like filling. Try it with a berger cookie or it would also go well with a juicy, freshly ground hamburger on a brioche bun.