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Pints & Plates will coordinate and prepare your beer and food pairing event, whether an intimate dinner party for 6 or a fun and informative social beer and food pairing event for larger groups, in the Baltimore/Annapolis/Washington DC metropolitain area. Our services are perfect for private and corporate events that offer a unique and different experience. Enjoy amazing food and beers while learning about the basis for each individual pairing.


Whether this is your first beer and food pairing or you are a beer connoisseur or adventurous, gourmet foodie, we offer selections catered specifically to you and your guests. All of our craft beers are expertly selected, and our dishes are chef-prepared for your event.


While the popularity of specialty craft beer has grown, people are becoming more and more interested in high quality, complex beers. The farm-to-table approach of using fresh and local ingredients in creative gourmet dishes has grown by leaps and bounds as well. Allow Pints & Plates to mesh the two seamlessly and deliciously together for your enjoyment.


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Pints & Plates local craft beer recommendations for this spring

Union Rye Baby is an IPA with rye in the malt bill which gives the beer a distinct spiciness and bite. The rye can stand up to a richer base beer with a caramel flavor to play off the bite of the rye and the aggressive hopping. Chili can stand up to this beer, but I would suggest a turkey chili with a tomatillo and cilantro base that could even be slow cooked with some Rye Baby and topped with monterey jack cheese and sour cream to soften the bold hoppiness of and bite of the rye in the beer.


Stillwater Stateside Saison is one of the flagship beers, but it remains one of the best saisons brewed in the U.S. The crisp, dry finish and slight funkiness celebrate spring and this beer pairs well with roasted root vegetables topped with a sauce using a funky, earthy, mushroomy cheese like Jasper Hill's Harbison. Add any fresh herbs you can get, such as thyme, rosemary, or tarragon.


Evolution Sprung has more depth than would be expected, with a subtle caramel base that complements the addition of honey. To celebrate spring and finally seeing flowers bloom, the hibiscus and chamomile give this beer a nice floral tea-like note. Honey and lavender goat cheese spread on freshly baked rustic bread would pair well, playing off the honey and flowers in the beer.


Brewer's Art La Petroleuse is a Belgian bière de garde with hints of brown sugar and an earthy malt base reminiscent of toffee and graham crackers with slight musty-cellar notes in the nose. There are just enough earthy hops to balance and keep this beer from becoming too sweet. The earthiness of this beer complements a wide range of food, but try a cornish game hen stuffed with kale, sage and mushroom stuffing with a green salad topped with walnuts and vinaigrette-marinated apple slices.


DuClaw Morgazm has a pale ale base with grapefruit zest and Citra hops added to provide distinct grapefruit and lemon notes for a refreshing beer. Pairing with a shrimp and rockfish ceviche marinated in freshly squeezed grapefruit, lemon and lime juices would make this combination Morgazmic!


Heavy Seas Riptide is a newer style created in the U.S., a highly hopped Belgian wit called a white IPA. The fruitiness and spiciness of the wit base is complemented by the citrusy and spicy hops. Now that it's warmer outside, you can dust of the BBQ and grill some salmon and zucchini kebabs marinated in a lemon vinaigrette.